Warms my heart to have a couple followers message me to tell me to keep going on my journey. Yes I haven’t posted in a while, since my nana died everything got turned upside down. That was a tough time and I gained back all my weight. Then I managed to lose about 6kg easily when I started working more and bringing lunch. Then I had a four week period of flatlining and now i’m working more and brining my lunch again it’s beginning to drop.

This is by far tougher than I ever imagined. People do make it look easy. But I am making good choices and am happy with the way I’m going thus far. I’m seeing small small progress. I’ll get there eventually. 

To those who messaged me thank you little old me is very warmed by people actually caring. Wow. Thank you, i am back on track slowly, getting there!

Mar 27 23:30


Unfollowing a lot of blogs and then looking at your dash


Mar 09 2:19 with 137,786 notes

Emma and Tom’s Quencher reviewed! LOVE IT! Also great for my healthy eating because it’s not overloaded with crap ingredients!

Mar 08 11:30

Empty apartment then just after our stuff got moved in.

Can’t wait to see what I can achieve with this place. I can decorate it any way I like and I am in love with it!

Mar 04 1:09
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